All planning applications that relate to Maltby are sent to the Town Council and are put to the council for comment. Town Councillors are recommended to refer to the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council local plan as well as the National Planning Policy Framework when considering comments for planning applications. The Town Council is only regarded as a Statutory consultee and although the Town Council may make a comment on a planning application, the final decision will always remain with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough

Council. The full town council receives a list of the planning applications being discussed and these are published on the Parish Council agenda in advance of the meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend and a Public Participation in each meeting allows for members of the public, whether for or against a development, to attend and make a representation to the Parish Council.

All Parish Council comments are submitted to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council for consideration when making their decisions. If you wish to make a comment on an application that has been submitted you can do so online by using the link below. You will need to have the planning application number to hand.

Link: Planning and development – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

If you are developing a property or site

Planning permission is generally required for carrying out any form of ‘development’ and this includes the use of land and outbuildings as well as the more obvious construction or alteration of buildings. Consent is also required from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council for works which alter, extend or would result in the demolition of – or even part of – a Listed Building or properties within a Conservation.

Some small-scale operations do not require planning permission. These are referred to as ‘Permitted Development’. You still need to check whether approval is needed before starting work. Guidance, information and how to apply is available on:

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council – Planning and development – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council